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How To Catch Catfish

For many who love to fish – and then eat what they catch - how to catch a catfish is necessary knowledge.  Catfish are among the most popular prey for both beginning and seasoned fisherman. Below are some tips on how to catch catfish.

Where to Look

The good news for anyone who wants to learn how to catch catfish is that they dwell in most of the places that you’d think to look for the fish! Whether you want to fish in a lake or stream, or even a pond, there are probably catfish in there.

Of course, some spots will be better than others, so ask at your local bait shop where the best place is to find catfish in your area.


Here is another bit of good news for those learning how to catch catfish: These fish are not very picky when it comes to bait. They like just about any type of meat, so you can use whatever is handy. Of course, there are some tricks that will make the meat you choose even more appealing to a catfish.

Because catfish find food through scent, the stronger the smell, the more likely you will be to attract fish. Catfish love pungent meat, so consider leaving your meat out in the sun for a few hours before using it as bait.

What smells repulsive to you (and meat left in the sun for hours surely will!) will smell irresistible to catfish.

Another trick that some seasoned fishermen use to catch catfish is seasoning the meat with garlic. Just add some garlic salt to whatever meat you choose and you will further increase your chances of catching a fish.


Another consideration in how to catch catfish is the type of hook that you choose. If you choose a hook that is too small, it may not hold the bait or it may fail to hook.  Treble hooks are the best bet.

Your Bare Hands?

Don’t have any fishing equipment available, but would still love to catch a monster sized catfish? No problem! People do it every day!

Some fisherman have found that how to catch a catfish requires nothing more than your bare hands and nerves of steel.

This type of fishing is called noodling, and it is used to catch very large catfish, weighing in at 50 pounds or more.

A noodler sticks his arm into the dwelling place of a large catfish. The fish will then, in an attempt to escape the hole, latch onto the arm of the noodler.

The noodler flings the fish up out of the water where others will then help to get the fish off of their arm and subdue it.

Because of the size of the catfish involved in noodling, it is a VERY bad idea to try this alone. You will need the help of at least one other person in order to get the fish off of your arm.

Figuring out how to catch catfish is as simple as knowing where to look and the kind of bait to use. Whether you are fishing the old fashioned way or want to give noodling a try, catfish continue to be abundant meaning your chances of success are high!



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